My name is Shantelle Mosby, founder of SMAcademy of Integrated Arts and visionary of an art center that provides an array of artistic programs that are designed to give children a positive outlet for artistic expression through fine arts, visual arts & literary arts.

In dedication to my young, artistic teenage daughter, through her highly gifted learning styles and unique expression through creativity as an artist and writer, we look forward to the start of our new school program.

SMAcademy is a uniquely designed art-based integrative program for students who are more effective learners in a creative environment instead of the standard classroom setting found in traditional schools. Students will have the opportunity to participate in classes that will teach music and art education and technique to young, gifted individuals integrated with high achieving academics in the core subjects of English, Math, Science, History and Biblical Studies.

Think of it this way…

A student may be intimidated by Science, but have a love for Art…combine the two for a SciArt experience, helping the student to appreciate both subjects. History may appear dreadful and boring until a touch of vibrant Music is added, improving brain function, memory enhancement and a brighter historical day!

Students of SMAcademy will learn to be independent thinkers, entrepreneurs and taught leadership skills while boosting self-esteem and confidence in effort to making each child’s world of imaginary dreams into purpose-filled life of realities through God’s love.


In His Service,


Prophetess/Evangelist Shantelle Mosby