Ministry Club

Can’t get enough of SMAcademy?
In addition to our normal school day,
SMAcademy offers extended day hours
In conjunction with our Ministry Clubs.

We are training WARRIORS in the Arts.
Each club prepares to participate internally and externally in
community events, church events, shows, and represent Team SMA!

Extended Day Club Hours:
2:10pm – 3:10pm

Extended Day Club Meet:
1 day per week / per club

Extended Day Club Fees:
$400 per year / $40 per month / 1 club
$2000 per year / $200 per month / 5 clubs

Extended Day Club Options:

Active Performance Clubs:
❏ Music Club
❏ Drama Club
❏ Ministry Team Club (P&W Team, Dance Team, Step Team, Mime Team,
Praise Band Team)

Artistic Clubs:
❏ Creative Writing Club
❏ Visual Art Club

Spiritual Growth Clubs: (FREE)
❏ Prayer Warrior Club
❏ Bible Study Club
❏ Outreach Club