Flexible Seating

Prayer Posture – Learning Position – Flexible Seating

Just as we have different postures used to pray, SMAcademy establish its
learning environment in the same manner. As we communicate to our
Heavenly Father, our teacher, the Holy Spirit deposit information in us as
we position ourselves to receive. Such postures of prayer include:

1) Laying before the Lord
2) Kneeling before Lord
3) Standing before the Lord
4) Sitting before the Lord

Each learning environment at SMAcademy enables these positions to be
used while learning. Just as prayer postures are chosen by the one
positioning themselves to pray that is best suitable for them, the student
will also have the flexibility of the learning position they desire. Most
importantly, the student will be in the appropriate posture for prayer and
can do so from right where they are.

As we teach, we are raising up mighty Prayer Warriors.

Classrooms are known as learning environments. Each learning
environment will be required to have flexible seating to accommodate the
four prayer postures. Flexible seating includes:

1) Mats for laying
2) Large Pillows for kneeling at a table
3) Desk & Yoga Balls for sitting
4) High Top Tables for standing

What is your preferred learning position?