Art-Infused Curriculum

Students receive instruction in drama, dance,
music & art with integrated academics
creating an Art-Infused Curriculum.

Solid Learning

With a Christian academic approach, SMAcademy uses a combination of a specially designed curriculum that best caters to our students along with A Beka Curriculum. The A Beka Curriculum provides a solid learning based on the Word of God. It is the widely recognized across the United States for both private Christian schools and homeschools. The A Beka Curriculum will be used for the core subjects at SMAcademy.

Blended Learning

Catering to the unique learning styles of students, the A Beka Curriculum will be taught in combination of videos, structural teachings and action-based learning through movement and art education.

21st Century Learning

The innovative program and method will be accompanied with Chromebooks for SMAcademy students. Flexible seating to create a comfortable environment for each learning space.