Action Based Classes

Embody Learning

Embody Learning provides new ideas, perspectives and deeper understanding.

Embody Learning provides new understanding of concepts through movement and experiences.

Embody Learning provides the opportunity to incorporate art-based strategies with core curriculum.

Embody Learning creates awareness of our emotions and allows one to express himself while building self-confidence.

Embody Learning enhances motor skills through performing art, stimulation of the brain through music and visualization by creating art.

Service Learning

 Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves. Romans 12:10

As ambassadors of Christ, we are to walk in servanthood. Servanthood teaches us discipleship, humbleness, and focus driven principles on completing the mission.

Service learning starts by servicing those near and close to us. Students will learn how to be stewards for one another and grow into servanthood for others in the community, through missions, outreach, and areas where there is a need. Ministry is about filling the need.

Experimental Learning

EXPERIMENTING – TESTING – OBSERVING – REINFORCING of subject lessons taught within the classroom by use of Inside and Outside classroom experiments and local excursions. The hands-on approach enlightens culture, broadens perspectives on subject matters and see things from a different viewpoint from before. This helps boost confidence and provides reassurance for students while experimenting.