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An Integrative Art-Based Program for Creative Learners

Our educational philosophy acknowledges Art as a gift. A gift given from the greatest Creator of all. Combined with core subjects and incorporated in our daily lives, the gift of Art and its form creates a new way of thinking which develops an awakening of endless possibilities. An unrestricted life leads us to a life of more wisdom, prosperity and abundance granted from the one who created each of us.

We were all created in God’s image, yet given different gifts. SMAcademy was formed to embrace those gifts and blossom the gifted, artistic & creative student to becoming all that God intended for them to be. It is at SMAcademy, where those gifts will be discovered, nurtured and brought forth. A gift opens the way and ushers the giver into the presence of the great. Proverbs 18:16

SMAcademy offers a student-centered learning approach while encouraging the student to pursue the gift and passion inside and outside of the school. SMAcademy teaches students to walk in their purpose by offering a business-entrepreneurship approach for upper class students. SMAcademy integrates foreign languages, celebrates various cultures while learning from our international students.

At SMAcademy, students:

Learn by doing

Learn by discovering

Learn by engaging

Learn by becoming


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